By Elizabeth A. Cowper

This textbook is meant to offer scholars a short commence in utilizing conception to deal with syntactic questions. At every one level, Cowper is cautious to introduce a theoretical equipment that's not more complicated than is needed to house the phenomenon into consideration. accomplished and updated, this available quantity also will offer a superb refresher for linguists returning to the research of Government-Binding theory". Cowper indicates the analytical units of present principles-and-parameters techniques, takes readers conscientiously throughout the vital components of grammatical thought (including very fresh work), and ushers them selectively into the technical literature. . . . a major advent in the event you need to know the nuts and bolts of syntactic idea and to determine why linguists are so excited those days". -David Lightfoot, collage of Maryland "An very good brief advent to the govt. and Binding version of syntactic thought. . . . Cowper's paintings succeeds in educating syntactic argumentation and in exhibiting the conceptual purposes in the back of particular proposals in smooth syntactic theory". -Jaklin Kornfilt, Syracuse collage

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Examples are given in (94). (94) a. b. c. d. Trish, Kelly, and Emily watched the movie. We should walk quietly, slowly, and carefully. The children chopped, mashed, and pounded the bananas. The toys are blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. These sentences can, except for the fact that and does not always occur between pairs of elements, be generated by the conjunction rule we have, but consider the structures the rule assigns, for example, to the subject noun phrase in (95a). Categories and Phrase Structure (95) 43 N" a.

1971. " In Charles J. Fillmore and D. Terence Langendoen, Studies in Linguistic Semantics, pp. 1-21. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Ross, John Robert. 1970. " In Roderick A. Jacobs and Peter S. Rosenbaum, Readings in English Tran\formational Grammar, pp. 222-72. : Ginn and Company. - - - . 1972. " In Werner Abraham and Robert Binnick, Generative Semantik, pp. 95-115. Frankfurt am Main: Athenaum Verlag. 2 Categories and Phrase Structure The earliest models of generative-transformational grammar (Chomsky 1965) contained a base component, whose output was the set of deep structures of a particular language.

B. A man [from Paris] [with blue eyes] A man [with blue eyes] [from Paris] It seems that, in (26), of Parliament is more closely tied to the head noun than is with gray hair. There are many pairs of noun phrases which behave similarly to the ones just discussed. Some examples are shown in (29)-(31). (29) (30) (31) a. b. a. b. a. b. We sold the box of crackers with the green label. *We sold the box with the green label of crackers. The chairman of the committee in the blue suit. *The chairman in the blue suit of the committee.

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