By Linda A Cumberland; Indiana University, Bloomington

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Glottal stops serve to demarcate the boundaries of phrases or oth er prosodic units. 3 Glides There are three glides: w is bilabial, y is lamino-palatal, and h is a laryngeal fricative glide. Each occurrence of h acquires place features from the vowel that follows it (cf. Ladefoged and Maddieson 1996:325-6). For example, it is [+round] in the sequence ho, [-round] in the sequence ha, and fronted and tensed in the sequence hi. 4) and like fricatives in that it may not form a cluster with another fricative, both tauto- and heteromorphemically.

With the exception of the male greeting hau (the only example of a diphthong in the language), each syllable m ay have only one vowel. 1 Syllable canon Possible syllables are summ arized in (23). Exam ples of each type are given in (24). These fall into two basic categories, vowel final and consonant final. 2 Syllabification of CVC roots Underlying consonant-final roots are referred to as “CVC” roots, following Boas and Deloria (1941) and Shaw (1980), even though they may variously have no onset or onsets of one or two consonants.

This study further distinguishes glottalization (C„) from the independent glottal stop, for which ® is used. Motivation for this distinction is discussed in the Phonology chapter. NET 13 The grammar is conceptually organized along traditional lines. This introductory chapter is followed by a description of phonology in chapter 2. Chapters 3-9 describe morphology, and chapters 10-11 present major syntactic processes. Three narrative texts are presented in the appendices, two of which I recorded at Carry The Kettle, and one of which is my re-edited version of Deloria’s “Red Fox” from Boas and Deloria (1941).

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