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Domari and Romani The relationship between Domari and Romani has been the focus of linguistic debates since Pott’s (1846) discussion of the language of the Syrian Gypsies. Both Domari and Romani are Indo-Aryan diaspora languages that lack any obvious affiliation to any particular present-day ‘sister-language’ in the Indian sub-continent. There are also ethnographic similarities between the two speaker populations. They include their self-appellations (ʼ‫ڟ‬P, ‫މ‬RP), their wholesale designation for outsiders (Domari NDG६D, Romani JDG६R)10, and their socio-economic profile as small kinship-based communities that are nomadic or semi-nomadic and specialise in a portfolio of trades that usually includes manufacturing of small tools and entertainment as well as other services.

Infinitive forms will have been reduced through contact with Iranian and later Arabic (for Domari) and Greek (for Romani). Subsequent developments are known to have affected Romani in particular as a result of its contact with Byzantine Greek: It develops prepositions, conjunctions, preposed definite articles12, and stand-alone object pronouns based on demonstratives, and it integrates a considerable amount of nominal and verbal morphology from Greek. 24 Chapter 1: Introduction What remains is to consider at a glance a brief representative sample of the two languages’ lexical inventories.

E. non-Arabic) words that had been intuitively transliterated as containing long vowels. The results show that long vowel duration is typically 70–120 milliseconds in both conversational and sentence elicitation data, while the typical duration of short vowels is 30–80 milliseconds in conversational data and between 45–100 milliseconds in sentence elicitation data. While this suggests some degree of overlap between long and short vowels as a whole, in fact there is no overlap for individual vowel qualities with the exception of D (where in sentence elicitation data the top 30% of short tokens overlap with the bottom 50% of longer tokens).

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