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In reflexive and reciprocal constructions with verbs belonging to certain valency classes (experiencer verbs and verbs with non-canonical agents), the role of the most prominent argument as indicated by the case marking can or even must be fulfilled by the reflexive or reciprocal pronoun and not by the controlling noun phrase. In addition, there is extensive long-distance reflexivization in various types of subordinate clauses. Phrases are head-final. In clauses with transitive verbs the most frequent word order is agent-patient-verb, although main clauses admit all other five logically possible orders.

2. 1. Realization Table 3 presents the consonant inventory of Hinuq. In this table, the three series of stops are, in the given order: voiceless nonejective, voiceless ejective, and voiced. The two series of fricatives are voiceless and voiced. The two series of affricates are voiceless nonejective and voiceless ejective. In every box the first 28 Chapter 2. 1 in the appendix for the complete orthography). The nonejective uvular stop usually has a strong fricative component during the release phase of the stop.

G. 1). g. hawa ‘air, sky’, kawu ‘gate’, haywan ‘animal’, dawla ‘wealth’, and the name Džawharat. As can be seen in these examples, in loans and names /w/ can be followed by vowels, semivowels and consonants, but never by consonants. The occurrence of the other semivowel, the palatal approximant /j/, is less restricted. g. iyo ‘mother, èaya ‘mosquito’. g. OBL’, hibayru ‘so’, qorya:- ‘boil’, c’oq’ya:- ‘stich’, but never between two consonants. It can follow vowels and thus form diphthongs (24). 2.

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