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Group 2 speakers have access to both sets of the lexicon. They may employ lunes ‘Monday’ in a code-mixed sentence, but are equally capable of using mɔnde ‘Monday’. Similarly, for most group 1 speakers, Pichi numbers above five are rarely if ever used (cf. 1). Conversely, group 2 speakers master a wider range of the Pichi numeral system. However, even with this group, Pichi numbers above twenty are seldom heard. Finally, I should mention that the speech culture to which Pichi belongs is generally characterised by an absence of the rigid linguistic norms that typify other parts of the world with a history of prescriptive linguistic nationalism.

Kech yɛr(i) ɛ̀f(ɛ) bwɛl (s)pwɛl ‘catch’ ‘hear’ ‘if’ ‘boil’ ‘spoil; spend’ d. AT’ Some of the differences in vocabulary between the two languages owe to the same phonological characteristics that differentiate the members of group 1 (Pichi) and group 2 (Krio) in the preceding section (cf. examples (1)-(10)(6)). Hence, most speakers of Pichi make no phonemic distinction between alveolar and postalveolar fricatives (14)(a); the phonemic distinction between close-mid and open-mid vowels is neutralised by most speakers (b).

Finney 2004: 72] In contrast, resultative state of affairs similar to (23) above may only feature stative property items in the V2 position. Such constructions in Pichi are best seen to involve secondary predication (25): (25) Dɛ̀n dɔn bil dì hos strɔn. ’ [ra07ve 069] Similarly, Pichi may only employ a less integrated type of multiverb construction, namely clause chaining, in order to express a sentence like (24). e. the subject is repeated with the second verb in the series: (26) Yù tek dì mɔ̀ní yù gi mi.

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