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T/ → [s] / # [+high] b. /t/ → [t] / # [-high] c. 11 /c/ and /j/ /c/ is a non-prenasalised voiceless alveopalatal affricate [tS] and /j/ is its prenasalised voiced counterpart [n dZ]. /c/ and /j/ appear only in loan words. Since /s/ can be realised as [tS], it is often difficult to determine whether a speaker distinguishes /c/ from /s/. Older people replace /j/ with /d(i)/ as in £Ďdias∼ £Ďjas ‘justice’ and £Ďdim∼ £Ďjim (a personal name). 1 /n/ /n/ is a voiced alveolar or post-alveolar nasal. Sometimes a retroflex variant can be heard as is the case for /d/.

2 13 Consonants Dom has thirteen indigenous consonant phonemes, and three loan phonemes /j/ [n dZ], /c/ [tS]∼[ts] and /Ï/ [Ï], which are unstable to a varying degree. voiceless stops prenasalised voiced stops nasals voiceless affricate prenasalised voiced affricate fricative lateral flap approximants bilabial p b m alveolar t d n alveopalatal velar k g (c) (j) s l r w (Ï) y Table. 2: Consonants In addition to consonant phonemes given in the table, the use of non-prenasalised voiced stops [b, d, g] and the affricate [dZ] in the word-medial position, pronounced slightly long with obvious intention of distinguishing them from both voiceless stops and prenasalised voiced stops, by speakers fluent in Tok Pisin has been observed for some loanwords, but these sounds are highly marginal and treated as allophones of /p/, /t/, /k/ and /c/.

88) a. IND’ Ă b. IND’ Ă c. IND’ When words have an intrinsic rising tone as in (88a) and (88b), the intonation obviously collides with the higher pich at the end of the word. The examples (88b) and (88c) are verbs with a negative element. 5). The reason why rising intonation does not appear even in the forms like (88c) is either of the following: 1) intonation is not associated with the function of negation; 2) an operation that removes tones after the assignment of intonation. Words with the endings listed here tend not to undergo e-deletion even if they have an e at the end.

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