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The Latin elements 1 Full references to these works may be found in the Bibliography, beginning on p. 14. 2 These two works, published iii Marburg in 1895 and 1897 respectively, were translated by Alexander Grieve and published together as Bible Studies (Edinburgh, 1901). General Introduction 42 in the Greek of the papyri were the particular study of K. Wessely and B. 1 A. H. Salonius began a study of selected topics in the syntax and vocabulary of the private letters among the papyri of both the Ptolemaic and Roman pe­ riods, but was able to finish for publication in 1927 only an introductory part on the sources.

Just SB 9332, not PLund. iii, 1 PSoknobr. 12 = SB 9332. = SB 8741 = But no reference to Sammelbttch is given if the document was originally published in a book or monograph. , and PSarap. are cited, although their texts were reprinted in Sam­ melbuch. Correspondences to reprints in CPJud. are not ordinarily given. 2. The number of the docu1nent within the edition. This is given in Arabic numerals. , Archiv, PLond. 3. The number of the line or lines of the document in which the reference occurs.

1 But it is impossible to determine in most instances whether individual writers of the papyri showing interference phenomena spoke Egyptian as their primary language or whether they were monolingual speakers who acquired an Egyptian accent and Egyptian idioms through residual interference in the language of their community. , the letters in PFay. 110-20. Of all the papyri whose spelling or grammar deviates sufficiently from the traditional norm to reveal the writer's speech patterns, more than one in five shows some evidence-and one in ten unambig­ uous evidence-of Egyptian interference.

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