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Older Satawalese texts reflect this. )’ and ya ‘he/she/it (past)’ are now written as iwe, e and ia respectively. ’ Some speakers include the glide in writing, while others do not. One Satawalese DOE specialist who translated a story for me preferred to write the pronoun e ‘he/she/it’ without a beginning glide, while his colleague consistently wrote it as ye. To my knowledge there are no established grammatical or written rules to render Satawalese glides consistently in writing. ’ Speakers may insert glides in both writing and speech (making the sound more audible) to break up vowel sequences.

This work was strictly a wordlist and lacked front matter to explain sound-to-letter correspondences. In 1990, Mike and Angelina McCoy printed a substantive list of 2315 Satawalese words. They used an orthography which closely followed Tiucheimal’s. The McCoys collaborated with the native-speaking teachers at Satawal Elementary School on their word list, as “to them falls the task of introducing and re-enforcing any standardization of spelling in their own language” (McCoy and McCoy 1990, i). In the 1990’s the Yapese Department of Education’s vernacular language program increased the number of printed primers and texts of the area’s four official indigenous languages (Yapese, Ulithian, Woleaian, and Satawalese).

Saturday’ ! $ ‘to hunt, search for’ #%# - velar //9/<6$ ‘laugh’ //A/A$ ‘to tie’ /,92"/$)‘afraid’ (/g/) I have enclosed this sound in parentheses in the phonemic inventory to distinguish it from the other “established” phonemes in the inventory. In his study of the seventeen dialects in the Chuukic language continuum, Edward Quackenbush postulated phonemic inventories for each. He found this sound in the six dialects west of Satawal, in Satawalese, and in the dialect directly east of Satawal.

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