By Mendel Cooper

This is often the entire reference at the Borne back shell (bash). quantity 1Volume 2 includes all appendices.

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Quoting 44 Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide # Error: the first three files concatenated into a single argument to 'ls -l' # because the two escaped spaces prevent argument (word) splitting. The escape also provides a means of writing a multi-line command. Normally, each separate line constitutes a different command, but an escape at the end of a line escapes the newline character, and the command sequence continues on to the next line. (cd /source/directory && tar cf - . ) | \ (cd /dest/directory && tar xpvf -) # Repeating Alan Cox's directory tree copy command, # but split into two lines for increased legibility.

Quote=$'\042' # " assigned to a variable. " echo # Concatenating ASCII chars in a variable. triple_underline=$'\137\137\137' # 137 is octal ASCII code for '_'. echo "$triple_underline UNDERLINE $triple_underline" echo Chapter 5. Quoting 42 Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide ABC=$'\101\102\103\010' echo $ABC # 101, 102, 103 are octal A, B, C. echo; echo escape=$'\033' # 033 is octal for escape. echo "\"escape\" echoes as $escape" # no visible output. echo; echo exit 0 See Example 34-1 for another example of the $' ...

When typing text on the console or in an xterm window, Ctl-K erases from the character under the cursor to end of line. Within a script, Ctl-K may behave differently, as in Lee Lee Maschmeyer's example, below. ◊ Ctl-L Formfeed (clear the terminal screen). In a terminal, this has the same effect as the clear command. When sent to a printer, a Ctl-L causes an advance to end of the paper sheet. ◊ Ctl-M Carriage return. /bin/bash # Thank you, Lee Maschmeyer, for this example. read -n 1 -s -p \ $'Control-M leaves cursor at beginning of this line.

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