By Ralph J. Bunche

Ralph Bunche, who acquired the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950, traveled to South Africa for 3 months in 1937. His notes, that have been skillfully compiled and annotated by way of historian Robert R. Edgar, offer exact insights on a segregated society.

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Europeans had educated, Westernized, and civilized African Americans over centuries of contact, while their African ancestors remained mired in savagery and backwardness. White South Africans assumed that Bunche automatically understoodand perhaps even sharedtheir perception. S. and South Africa. His diary recorded the following conversations: 16 September. Mrs. Goldberg of So. Africa ... told me how fond she is [o]f her native maid, Sarah, how no account one of Sarah's sons is, how vicious "detribalized" natives are, how women don't dare walk on streets [o]f Joburg alone at nite, etc.

Ralph Johnson), 19041971. An African American in South Africa: the travel notes of Ralph J. Bunche, 28 September 19371 January 1938 / edited by Robert R. Edgar. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0821410210 1. BlacksSouth AfricaSocial life and customs. 2. Blacks South AfricaSocial conditions. 3. Bunche, Ralph J. (Ralph Johnson), 19041971JourneysSouth Africa. I. Edgar, Robert R. II. Title. 804'54dc20926621 CIP Published in the Republic of South Africa by Witwatersrand University Press, 1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg 2001, South Africa ISBN 1868142175 Page v To an African in America Leteane Monatsi Page vii Contents List of Illustrations and Maps ix Preface and Acknowledgements xiii Prologue 1 Comments on Editing 45 Cape Town 53 Basutoland 104 Eastern Cape 125 Thaba 'Nchu and Mafeking 143 Page viii Johannesburg I 159 Pretoria 229 Johannesburg II 243 Bloemfontein 256 Durban 287 Epilogue 313 Notes 320 Bibliography 371 Index 387 Page ix Illustrations Photographs Frontispiece 1.

C. The following persons and libraries have also assisted with photographs from their collections: Moorland-Spingarn Research Library, Howard University (1, 2); Cape Town Library, Cape Town, South Africa (5, 812, 16, 21, 3132, 3435, 44, 5152, 5456); Jack and Ray Simons (7); Jane Gool (53); Ralph Bunche Papers, University of California at Los Angeles Manuscripts Collection (3, 4, 6, 13, 15, 1720, 2230, 33, 3643, 4550, 5762). 1 I had the good fortune of interviewing or corresponding with individuals who met Bunche on his 1937 trip: Jack Simons, Ray Alexander, Isaac Schapera, Edwin Mofutsanyana, and Don M'timkulu.

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