By Koichi Watanabe, Mohammadali M. Shoja, Marios Loukas

Anatomy for cosmetic surgery of the Face, Head, and Neck information the advanced neighborhood anatomy of the face, head and neck, delivering cosmetic surgery and otolaryngology citizens with a fantastic anatomical wisdom base. there are numerous probability zones occupied with working at the head and neck, and the unique wisdom of anatomy that readers achieve from this reference might help them stay away from the surgical mishaps that frequently bring about sufferer disfigurement.

Key Features:

  • Complex neighborhood anatomy of the pinnacle and neck certain with drawings, intraoperative images and radiologic images
  • Online entry to movies during which authors stroll readers in the course of the anatomy of the face, head and neck
  • Covers the most recent anatomical issues, together with arterial offer of the facial pores and skin and sensory nerves of the pinnacle and neck

This very good anatomical reference should be learn disguise to hide through younger plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists, in addition to citizens in those specialties. more matured surgeons will discuss with it at any time when they should know about an strange quarter of the top and neck.

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Sample text

10). It con n ects th e orbit an d m id d le cran ial fossa via t h e caver n ou s sin u s. It is d ivid ed by th e an n u lus of Zin n , a tough brous apon eurot ic ring at th e orbital apex, in to a m edial in t racon al com part m en t (con t ain ing CN III, CN VI, an d th e n asociliar y n er ve) an d a lateral ext racon al com part m en t (con t ain ing CN IV, fron t al, an d lacrim al n er ves, an d th e su p erior op h th alm ic vein ). Th e ext raocu lar m u scles arise from th e an n u lu s of Zin n , except th e in ferior obliqu e m u scle, w h ich origin ates at an teroin ferior orbital rim .

Th e plan um sph en oidale, a part of th e an terior cran ial fossa, lies in fron t of th e t u bercu lu m sellae an d ch iasm at ic su lcu s. Th e m ed ial p rocesses alon g lesser w ings of sp h en oid bilaterally for m t h e sella’s an ter ior clin oid p rocesses. Th e oor of t h e p it u it ar y fossa h as a w ell cor t icated , less t h an 1-m m -t h ick bony w all kn ow n as th e lam in a dura. Th e diaph ragm a sellae is a sligh tly in ferior, convex, th in du al fold covering th e su p erior aspect of sella an d is perforated cen t rally by th e pit uit ar y st alk.

Coronal, unenhanced CT images through the central skull base. (a) Coronal image through orbital apices at the level of the pterygoid process (PP) demonstrates the relationship bet ween the pterygopalatine fossa and the orbital apex. (b) The pterygopalatine fossa (PPF) contains fat, the distal branches of the internal maxillary artery, veins, the pterygopalatine ganglion, and it s connections. The PPF is contiguous with the inferior orbital ssure (IOF) and, ultimately, the orbital apex. (c) Near the apex, the orbital roof is formed by the lesser wing of the sphenoid bone (LWS).

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