By Fabio Florindo and Martin Siegert (Eds.)

This can be the 1st ebook devoted to the constructing wisdom on how the world's greatest ice sheet shaped and altered over its 34 million years heritage. In explaining the tale of Antartica, details on terrestrial and marine geology, sedimentology, glacier geophysics (including airborne reconnaissance), shipborne geophysics, and numerical ice sheet and weather modelling, could be interwoven inside of 11 chapters, every one deling with an incredible historic topic. The process can be to first 'set the scene', regarding chapters devoted to how ice sheets and their glacial historical past might be measured. This starting part will supply info essential to understand the latter portion of the e-book, within which 5 chapters will comparable the glacial and weather evolution of Antartica in the course of the most crucial time-frames during which adjustments have happened. * an outline of antarctic weather switch, analysing historic, today's and destiny advancements* Contributions from best specialists and students from all over the world* Informs and updates weather swap scientists and specialists in comparable parts of research

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Lee, Ross Sea and Wilkes Land) References Wright and Priestley (1922), Taylor (1914, 1922) Fogg (1992) Pe´we´ (1962), Bull et al. (1962), Nichols (1964) Craddock et al. (1964), Margolis and Kennett (1970), Flint (1971) Mercer (1972), Mayewski (1975) Houtz and Meijer (1970) Hayes, Frakes et al. (1975) Kennett, Houtz et al. (1975) Smith (1981), Torii (1981) Mercer (1978) Clough and Hansen (1979), Webb et al. (1979) Oerlemans (1982) Webb et al. 1: (Continued ). Date 1986–1988 1987 1986–1996 1988–2002 1993 1997–1999 2000 2001 2003 2004 2005 2006–2007 Event New drilling results from Ross Sea (CIROS) and Prydz Bay (ODP Leg 119) show cyclicity in early history and ice-sheet antiquity Vostok ice core provides climate record through last glacial cycle Formation of the SCAR Group of Specialists on the Evolution of Cenozoic Palaeoenvironments of the Southern High Latitudes Formation of ANTOSTRAT – Antarctic Offshore Acoustic Stratigraphy to coordinate Antarctic margin studies Ice-sheet model and deep-sea isotope record inconsistent with major Pliocene deglaciation Pre-mid-Miocene age for Sirius deposits proposed on basis of ancient ash and persistent cold in high Transantarctic Mountains Cape Roberts cores yield high-resolution record of significant orbitally forced fluctuations in Antarctic Ice Sheet and sea level from 34 to 17 Ma and slight cooling over that period New drilling results from Prydz Bay (ODP Leg 188) Erice workshop reviews ANTOSTRAT and proposes new group to integrate geophysical/ geological data on Antarctic glacial history and the new generation of coupled ice– ocean–atmosphere models (ACE) Coupled ocean–atmosphere–ice-sheet model shows major role for CO2 in early ice-sheet formation EPICA yields Dome C climate record through last 8 glacial cycles Formation of ACE as a SCAR Scientific Research Program Landscape evolution model for Lambert drainage basin shows similar fluvial and glacial influence ANDRILL results provide first continuous record of late Antarctic Cenozoic history, including first proximal record of midMiocene transition, and evidence of ice-free Ross embayment 3–4 Ma ago References Barrett (1989), Barron, Larsen et al.

Barrett clearly showed Antarctic Ice Sheets to be dynamic and reaching the Ross Sea coast from at least late Oligocene times onwards. 4. Ice-Sheet Proxies from Seismic Stratigraphy and Deep-Sea Isotopes As the results of the MSSTS-1 and CIROS-1 records were being studied, two significant papers were published. One was by Haq et al. (1987), a better documented update of the Vail et al. (1977) monograph with a more detailed sea level curve based on coastal advance and retreat histories extracted from seismic imaging of continental margins around the world.

3 for detail), Prydz Bay and the Antarctic Peninsula are also shown, each reflecting the history of the ice sheet in their respective regions. DSDP Leg 29 drilled lower latitude deep-sea sites south of New Zealand for the first Cenozoic isotopic record of ice volume and temperature (see text). Modified from Barrett (1999), with permission. , 1975). The result was the first record of warm early Cenozoic times followed by a decline in temperature from around early mid-Eocene times (B50 Ma ago, 42 P. 2: R/V Glomar Challenger at Site 270 (781S) in January 1973.

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