By Ruth Maran

I love 'hot tip' books. each time I decide up one, i locate whatever that i locate precious that I by no means knew approximately sooner than.

When I first picked up this e-book and commenced thumbing via it i discovered sizzling Tip #49. it truly is named "Quickly close down home windows with a souble-click." How come i did not be aware of this ahead of? it's definitely whatever that i will use. i locate clicking begin (Ignoring that commence can not suggest Stop), then clicking on flip Off desktop, after which having to substantiate that convinced, this is often particularly what i would like to do to be a drag.

This tip, like several the others within the publication makes use of the recognized Maran full-color illustrated method of inform how you can do it. I did it on my machine, and every thing regarded precisely like their illustrations, it took a few minute, and now there is a shortcut named ShutDown on my computer.

There are 101 such sizzling suggestions during this ebook. Many, like "Customize the Mouse for Left-Handed Users," do not curiosity me.

All in all, I organize a handful of items following their instructions, and there's one other handful that i am puzzling over. What extra are you able to count on out of a bit, low-cost booklet like this one?

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A menu appears. Á Click Create Shortcut to create a shortcut for the item. TEAM LinG Maximize the Power of Your Files and Folders 2 Keep It Organized! You can create folders to organize the items on the Send To menu. In the SendTo window, click the “Make a new folder” option to create a folder. Type a name for the new folder and then press the Enter key. You can then drag items to the new folder. The folder will appear on the Send To menu with an arrow ( ) indicating there are more choices. You can click the folder to display the choices.

You can specify which picture stored in the folder you want to display on the folder’s icon. You can also choose a picture stored in any other folder on your computer. Documents (for any file type) ABC Corp Files Properties 12:00 PM My Documents ⁄ Right-click the folder you want to display a picture. A menu appears. ¤ Click Properties. The Properties dialog box appears. ‹ Click the Customize tab. 62 12:00 PM My Documents › To select the picture you want to appear on the folder’s icon, click Choose Picture.

Click Next to continue. 46 TEAM LinG 1 Unleash Your Computer’s Potential Passkey Options! When adding a Bluetooth device, you need to specify how you want to enter a passkey for the device. • Select the “Choose a passkey for me” option if the documentation for the Bluetooth device does not specify a passkey, but the device can accept a passkey. Typically, Bluetooth devices such as keyboards, cell phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) can accept a passkey. • Select the “Use the passkey found in the documentation” option if the documentation for the Bluetooth device specifies a passkey.

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